• Fibreglass-reinforced thermo- and duroplastic sandwich-plastic panels
for different applications: – Honeycombed boards for the building industry (framing and ceiling boarding) – Stand planks– Table tennis plates– Truck superstructures

• Fibreglass-reinforced thermo- and duroplastic plastic formed products
for different applications: – Fork-lift parts– Automobile construction parts, e.g. bottom building groups, engine caps, trunk cover plates, interior parts – Seat construction parts

Schaltafeln für die Bauindustrie (Rahmen- und Deckenschalung)
Batterieauflagefläche aus Recyclingmaterial, Langfaser/Thermoplast
Form shapes
Form shapes
Honeycombed panels for the building industry (framing and ceiling plates)
Framework for the honeycombed boards, Fibreglass-reinforced with sandwich-plastic elements
Trunk bottom plate
Connecting element for tubes