M.A.S.- scope of activities
Planning and supply of components
Complete support during the assembly and start-up
Selection and training of personnel
Development of products incl. tool engineering
Production control
Improvement of existing and development of new products


Reference 1:
Reference 2:
Plastic recycling plant in Hungary 1983-1987
Kunststoffrecycling-Anlage in Ungarn 1983-1987
Plastic recycling plant in Austria 1987-1991
Kunststoffrecycling-Anlage in Östereich 1987-1991
Capacity: 3,000 tpa
Capacity: 5,000 tpa
Reference 3:
Reference 4:
Plastic recycling plant in Luxemburg 1990-1995
Kunststoffrecycling-Anlage Recyplast (Lux) 1990-1995
Plastic recycling plant in Germany 1995-2001
Kunststoffrecycling-Anlage WEWATEC (D) 1995-2001
Capacity: 6,000 tpa
Capacity: 18,000 tpa